NOVA School of Science and Technology's research mentioned at the December report of the UE Joint Research Center



The European Union Joint Research Center (JRC) highlighted the collaboration with the NOVA School of Science and Technology's Department of Civil Engineering in the December newsletter "Science Flash for You - bulletin for Portugal".

The NOVA School of Science and Technology is partner of the JRC European Structural Assessment Laboratory (ELSA) under the SERA / SlabSTRESS project, which studies the response of reinforced concrete slab structures subjected to gravity and seismic actions.

The SERA project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research program and aims to reduce the risks of natural and anthropogenic earthquakes. Between October and December 2019 full-scale tests were performed on a two-story building on the ELSA reaction wall. These tests will help European researchers develop new design standards for safer buildings.

NOVA University is one of the research institutions that have access to ELSA in the context of actions taken by the JRC to promote free access by external partners to its research infrastructures.