NOVA School of Science and Technology prints face masks for healthcare professionals



The NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) has mobilized since last weekend for the large-scale production of face masks to protect health professionals, in contact with the COVID-19 virus.

This initiative is being developed by the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in collaboration with FCT FabLab (Powered by US Embassy) and with the support of teachers and students, former students and companies such as Volkswagen, Benteler, IDEPA (providing the elastics necessary, amongst others.

Twelve 3D printers are operating continuously in a laboratory prepared for this purpose, supervised and monitored, in shifts, guaranteeing the production process.

Each visor takes two hours to print, which per day and in optimal conditions represents the production of 100 masks. This production requires the involvement of more than 30 people, with the most diverse tasks ranging from monitoring to managing hospital orders, purchasing accessories (elastics for fixing visors on the head, transparent film), logistics and distribution.

At the moment, requests are from four Hospitals in the Lisbon and Tejo region (Santa Maria, Cascais, Garcia de Orta, and Vila Franca de Xira) and intend to maintain production as long as there is this need.