The digitization of teaching at the NOVA School of Science and Technology leaves no one behind


FCT NOVA departamental

The pandemic forced education to digitize more quickly. Distance classes globalized quickly, with the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) responding quite effectively to this requirement.

"We are a technology school and it was not at all difficult for us to implement this system, not least because in college there was already an 'e-learning' department that had been working in this direction for over 20 years. This process was just an incentive to extend in a remarkably short time this practice ", explains Virgílio Cruz Machado, Dean of FCT NOVA to Lusa, praising the" commitment of all "and" the capacity for innovation "of teachers and teachers.

The Dean recognizes the merits of this system but admits the need to “get your hands-on projects”, one of the “brand images” of the faculty. The bet on research and experimental teaching requires physical presence. In this sense, the Dean explains to Lusa that “We are addressing logistical aspects to reconcile distance learning with face-to-face teaching, trying to understand how we can more efficiently use some tools that this opportunity gave us to know."