Application developed by the NOVA School of Science and Technology students helps to save money



Four future NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) engineers developed SaveCook, a recipe-sharing platform that is being successful.

The application managed to exceed 1000 downloads in 72 hours and is currently in the number 1 lifestyle trends in Portugal on Android and in eighth place in the Top + of IOS.

This platform was developed by students Filipa Gouveia (Electrical and Computer Engineering), João Veloso (Computer Science), Martim Vieira (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Rita Rebelo (Computer Science), who took advantage of the quarantine to design this application that aims to help users saving in supermarkets and organizing their meals, also offering a wide list of recipes where they can participate themselves.

The success of this new application is due to the number of innovative features that the user has access to. The platform, in addition to sharing recipes, allows weekly planning, creates the shopping list automatically, and also indicates where each item is cheaper.

Learn more about the project here. Download for Android or IOS.