NOVA School of Science and Technology researchers develop a platform to support the sustainable renovation of historic buildings


Menu de Renovação Verde

'PAS2020 is the name of the pan-European project that brought together researchers specialized in building rehabilitation and energy efficiency from Portugal, Slovenia and the Netherlands, funded by EIT Climate-KIC, in the creation of an online platform - the “Green Menu” - which has as the core objective to make the building renovation process simpler, more attractive and scalable.

In this extensive energy efficiency one stop shop, homeowners in Portugal, Slovenia and the Netherlands can find relevant information on how to make their homes more sustainable, including technical solutions, financial opportunities and regulations on local heritage. On the platform it is also possible to access easy-to-use calculation tools and acquire relevant information on renewal opportunities. “We know that improving energy efficiency in buildings is fundamental to global efforts to mitigate climate change and to keep the temperature rise below 1.5 ° C. The current pandemic crisis has also reinforced the importance of investing in the resilience of socio-economic systems and healthy lifestyles. The renovation of buildings is an essential measure identified by the European Commission in the European Ecological Pact, being an essential initiative to achieve the European and global energy and climate goals ”, explain João Pedro Gouveia, researcher at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

The ‘Green Menu’ (in the Portuguese version entitled ‘Menu de Renovação Verde’) translates into a valuable tool especially for owners of more vulnerable housing and older buildings. Edifices constructed before 1945 represent between 10% and 30% of the built park, depending on the country in question. With a particularly complex rehabilitation, it is challenging for ordinary people to obtain specific and comprehensive information that is dispersed among various entities. This free platform gathers in one place all the information on sustainable measures, financial instruments and regulations.

The project is the result of a collaboration between CENSE - Center for Research in Environment and Sustainability, NOVA School of Science and Technology, in Portugal, E-Zavod, Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions, in Slovenia, and De Groene Grachten, The Netherlands, and funding from the EIT Climate-KIC, having been selected in an extraordinary European competition for post-Covid-19 Regeneration Projects.

Visit the Portuguese website here.