NOVA School of Science and Technology announces the first School of Technology Executives in Portugal


The NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) announces the launch of the first School of Technology Executives in the country. From Tech to Value is the signature of this new Executive School whose main mission is to provide technological education designed to create impact and value for society.

The NOVA School of Science and Technology, one of the main faculties of Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal, believes that society and the world economy demand more and more from technology and science, that the challenge created by the current fast-changing environment implies greater agility of companies and their leaders. It is in this sense that the Executive Technology School has a teaching approach that aims to improve reflective, critical and collaborative systemic thinking. The courses taught aim to create and shape the leaders of the future, using innovative teaching methods, based on technology as an accelerator for economic and social development.

The School of Technology Executives at FCT NOVA is inspired by leading colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , and the universities of Stanford and Cranfield. The training is mainly practical, oriented to the needs of companies, with the academic staff of the faculty and speakers from companies and national and international institutions. FCT NOVA teachers Elvira Fortunato and António Grilo, among others, are part of the list of renowned academics who are coordinating and teaching the first start-up courses at this new Executive Training School.

The courses of the School of Executives of FCT NOVA will be taught in face-to-face and hybrid format, on the campus of Caparica and on the campus of Campolide, using whenever necessary the more than 100 laboratories of the Faculty so that the participants can experience the inherent laboratory process in technological and scientific innovation.

Virgílio Cruz Machado, Dean of NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA: “The launch of the first School of Technology Executives in Portugal is, for us, a source of pride. This is not a usual executive school; it is born from the leading Portuguese faculty in applied research, which is visible in several dimensions: we concentrate the most considerable number of research centers, European projects and interventions in CoLabs (collaborative laboratories with the industry); and scholarships awarded by the European Research Council. The focus on training in the management of innovation, science and data technology, complements the vertical dimensions in the most varied domains of the interaction between science and technology. This is another step we take in order to pursue contributing to the formation of excellence throughout the life of tomorrow's leaders.”

The School started with the postgraduate course in 'Lean for Operational Excellence', already full, wich will return for a new edition in October 2021. Complete information about the courses at the Executive School of NOVA School of Science and Technology can be found at the link following: