Workshop wants to solve the lack of the recognition of Science Communication in the scientific career


On November 10, researchers, teachers and communication experts met at Sala Ágora, in the Caparica Campus, to raise up answers to increase the recognition of Science Communication in the scientific career.

The meeting, organized within the framework of the European project NEWESRA, coordinated in Portugal by the Faculty of Science of the University of Lisbon, promoted the response to one of the primary barriers that the European Commission seeks to solve on this matter: the lack of recognition of this activity in terms of scientific career. Researchers are increasingly being asked to communicate their research work outside academia, which implies an additional effort for which there is customarily no time, funding or motivation.

In an informal lunch with 20 participants, including representatives from the board of NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA, department chairs, representatives from research units, professionals in the field of communication and management of science and researchers, possible solutions and actions to overcome this barrier were discussed. These solutions and actions were thought at institutional, national and European level, and constitute contributions of enormous significance, which will help to inform decision making bodies, at various levels, and to design national and European strategies that promote a greater recognition of science communication in the scientific career.

The workshop was developed in partnership with the European project ENJOI - Engagement and Journalism Innovation for Outstanding Open Science Communication.