FCT NOVA hosts the 24th edition of Jortec's in February


The 24th edition of JorTec - Jornadas Tecnológicas, organized by the Students Union of NOVA School of Science and Technology (AEFCT), will take place between 9th and 17th February.

Organised by students, and for students, the initiative promotes contact between future engineers, and scientists and professionals from the most diverse areas. Thus, this event has as core objective to promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences, making known the potentialities of each course.

This year there will be 15 Organising Committees, involving around 212 students. 900 participants are expected to attend this event.

This initiative is sponsored by Delta Cafés, Pastéis de Belém, Licor Beirão and Ordem dos Engenheiros.

Get to know the complete Programme:

9 February

JorTec of Environmental Engineering 

Theme: "War on the Environment"

Official website: 

10th February

JorTec of Biochemistry 

Theme: "Biochemical Life"

Official website:

JorTec of Mechanical Engineering 

Theme: "Career Opportunities for a Mechanical Engineer"

Official website:

13th of February

JorTec for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Theme: "A Window into the Future of Technology"

Official website:

JorTec of Civil Engineering 

Theme: "JorTec Civil Engineering"

Official website:

JorTec of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Theme: "JORTEC'23: The Next Step"

Official website:

14th February

JorTec of Materials Engineering and Engineering of Micro and Nanotechnologies

Theme: "3D printing".

Official website:

JorTec of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Theme: "Oncobiology"

Official website:

15th February

JorTec of Applied Chemistry

Theme: "Chemistry Toolbox"

Official homepage:

JorTec of Biomedical Engineering

Theme: "Biomedical Engineering in Aerospace Medicine"

Official website:

16 of February

JorTec of Mathematics 

Theme: "Alumni / Recent Graduates Projects"

Official website:

JorTec of Physics Engineering

Theme: "One step closer to bright future..."

Official website:

JorTec for Computer Science Engineering

Theme: "Computer Science"

Official website:

17th February

JorTec of Geological Engineering

Theme: "The Future of Geological Engineering"

Official website:

JorTec of Industrial Engineering and Management

Theme: "Engineering Today

Official website:

More information here.