FCT NOVA promotes higher education in waste management


Between January 9th and 20th, NOVA School of Science and Technology hosted the meeting of the TESS Consortium and the Workshop "Waste Management, Sustainability and Circular Economy and Waste Treatment and Valorisation Technologies".

The initiatives, promoted in the scope of the "Techno-Economic-Societal Sustainable Development Training in Sri Lanka (TESS)", financed by the ERAMUS+ Programme, resulted from a collaboration between the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of NOVA School of Science and Technology.

This project involves four European universities (USN Norway, DTU Denmark, Essex England and FCTNOVA), five Sri Lankan universities (USPJ, UoJ, UoVT, UoR, UoM) and one non-governmental organization (Janathakshan), also from Sri Lanka. The project aims to develop innovative interdisciplinary programmes and redesign existing programmes in the area of waste management.