FCT NOVA project launches e-book about marine litter in the world environment day


On the next June 5th, the World Environment Day, FCT NOVA, through the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering (DCEA), and MARE- Centre of Marine and Environmental Sciences, launch the digital publication "Green Book CAPonLITTER - Capitalising good coastal practices and improving policies to prevent marine litter".

This book is a product of the European project CAPonLITTER, coordinated by FCT NOVA, which presents the main results of the project, highlighting the negative impact of marine litter on the economy and the environment and the good practices identified by the various partners of the seven countries involved as most relevant and illustrative of the project and the exchange of experiences developed by it.

This partnership, led by FCT NOVA / MARE, also produced a Policy Brief with recommendations from local actors and partners from the countries involved in order to increase the effectiveness of legislative and financial instruments in local communities. Focusing on three main components: Communities, Events and Zero Waste Beaches, the recommendations resulted from the questions asked by and worked with local actors.

In addition to the Green Book, and based on the intense sharing of experiences and good practices that resulted from the project, each country developed an action plan that was approved by the competent authorities. The Portuguese action plan, financed by the Environmental Fund, defined four priorities: reduce marine litter from recreational activities near the coast and at sea with direct involvement of citizens; improve infrastructures/equipment for waste collection; promote Education and Literacy for sustainability and reduce marine litter from Fishing.

The CAPonLITTER consortium includes partners from Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands. The project is coordinated by FCT NOVA and, in Portugal, has the Portuguese Environment Agency as partner.

The book launch will take place at the FCT NOVA Library Preguiçódromo, at 10 a.m.,  and counts with the presence of José Júlio Alferes, Dean of FCT NOVA, José Carlos Ferreira and Lia Vasconcelos, coordinators of the European project CAPonLITTER, Joana Antunes and Paula Sobral, from APLM - Portuguese Marine Litter Association, Graça Martinho, President of DCEA and representative of MARE, and Gracinda Marote, from the Portuguese Environment Agency.