More than a hundred students attended NOVA FCT's summer activities


atividades de verao 2023

In July 2023, NOVA FCT welcomed over a hundred secondary school students to its Caparica campus to participate in several summer activities organised by the school departments, research centres and student clubs.

More than 40 proposals offered pre-university students the opportunity to closely engage with the academic reality and research developed in the laboratory. The interaction and sharing of experiences with master's and doctoral students is a contribution to help students learn more about the courses and their possibilities of choice in accessing higher education.

This year, NOVA FCT once again partnered with the 'Ciência Viva no Laboratório - Ocupação Científica nas Férias (OCJF) 2023' programme, having promoted more than 30 internships in the areas of Science and Engineering.

During these internships, participants were challenged to carry out laboratory experiments and use research and production technologies, such as 3D printing of materials, creating ecological and sustainable ceramics, or programming games and apps to control small robots. Discussions about energy production, food conservation, bioplastics or environmental sustainability were also incorporated into the summer activities.

Students were also able to enrol in the 2023 editions of NOVA FCT Summer Schools and explore subjects such as quantum mechanics, nanostructures for biomedical applications, microbiology, biochemistry and mathematics. The programmes also featured sports and recreational activities, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and mutual support.

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