Two NOVA FCT projects receive funding from the European programme for environment and climate action


"HORIS - Home Renovation Integrated Services" and "ENTRACK - Empowering local and regional authorities to design clean Energy TRAnsition plans through Capacity and Knowledge", both led at NOVA FCT by João Pedro Gouveia, Principal Researcher at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, are on the list of projects selected by the European LIFE programme.

The HORIS project aims to scale up what the NOVA FCT team has already developed - the Green Renovation Menu, extending the action of this platform to support decision-making for more energy-sustainable buildings in Portugal, Spain and Italy. In Portugal, its partners are DECO Proteste, INEGI and Bureau Veritas.

The ENTRACK project aims to support the co-design of energy plans in rural municipalities (8 pilot cases in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece). Improving the capacity of political actors in these areas, with training specially designed for these audiences, as well as providing a ready-to-use scalable methodology on how to co-design policies with citizens in rural areas of southern Europe, are other objectives to be achieved.

These initiative aim to empower local actors to carry out socially fair energy planning processes. The Portuguese team also has the participation of AREANATejo - the Regional Energy and Environment Agency of Northern Alentejo and Tagus, which will guide the work in two pilot municipalities.

Since 1992, the LIFE Programme has been one of the European Union's funding instruments for the environment and climate action. This edition will support 171 projects from across Europe, worth more than 396 million euros.