NOVA FCT marks 50 years since 25 de Abril with various initiatives throughout the year


In the photo: detail of the invitation to the exhibition "A Liberdade está a passar por aqui" (Freedom is Passing This Way)by Fernando Quintas

NOVA FCT, in collaboration with the Library, is organising a series of initiatives to mark the 50th anniversary of 25 de Abril. A fundamental date in Portuguese history, which embarked on a lengthy and solid process of democratisation, materialising in the plural and diverse society we know today.

Several interconnected moments will take place throughout the year, inside and outside the Library and on social media. The first takes place on February 15, with the opening of the exhibition "A Liberdade está a passar por aqui" (Freedom is Passing This Way), at 5pm. Based on drawings by Fernando Quintas (FBAUL/VICARTE) and curated by José Moura and Ana Alves Pereira, the exhibition is inspired by Sérgio Godinho's song "Maré Alta" (High Tide). It aims, in the artist's words, "in a broad, subtle and inclusive way, to allude to the revolutionary murals that were painted over several years in Portuguese cities, towns and villages, and wherever the dynamics of a society that demanded a change in customs, habits and policies were felt. In the years that followed the 1974 revolution, art took to the streets, accompanied people's movements, occupied walls, neighbourhoods and entire cities with its assertive and demanding messages, transmitted through dynamic compositions, with a blatant chromaticism that left no one indifferent." The exhibition will be held in the Library's Exhibition Room until April 29.

Between April 15 and June 27, the Library's garden will host the installation "Jardins de abril" (April Gardens) by Ana Matilde Sousa, Hugo Almeida and Ivo Louro, young artists who present a sensory experience that will challenge visitors. 

"Memória de abril” (Memory of April) - based on photographs by Mário Varela Gomes, is the third exhibition to mark the anniversary. The work of this photographer, who was able to capture, through the lens of his camera, many of the emotions and the pulse of the events of the time, will be displayed from November 6th to December 20th. This collection, which will be on show at the NOVA FCT Library's Preguiçódromo, has the collaboration of the Mário Soares and Maria Barroso Foundation and the support of the American Corner.

Liberdade” (Freedom) will also be the theme of the 2024 Film Cycle. In five films, with very different languages and geographies, reflections on freedom and the lack of it are presented. At the end of each film, there will be room for debate. This cycle is the result of a partnership
between the NOVA FCT Library, the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) and the Inter-University Centre for the History of Science and Technology (CIUHCT). The list of films included in this cycle can be consulted here.

We are also celebrating books and reading, without hindrance or constraints. Over the course of 50 weeks, a banned book will be highlighted, from different eras and regions, and books in which freedom is the central theme. These books can be followed on the NOVA FCT Library's social networks, using #50booksforfreedom or on the website at

All these initiatives are free and open to the surrounding community and can be followed via the Library Blog.
We want to celebrate April with everyone!



NOVA FCT celebra os 50 anos de Abril com cinema, leitura e artes plásticas, O Almadense