EXPO FCT: The largest Science, Engineering, and Technology exhibition attracts students nationwide


Over 6,000 students and 300 teachers, representing more than 75 secondary schools from various districts across the country, responded to our invitation and participated in EXPO FCT, the nation's premier Science, Engineering, and Technology fair.

In its 16th edition, EXPO FCT showcased over 200 activities highlighting the academic, cultural, and scientific endeavors occurring daily within the Departments, Research Centers, and various branches of the NOVA FCT Student Association.

"EXPO FCT remains a pivotal event for our School, serving not only our public service mission but also as a magnet for attracting young learners to join us," states José Júlio Alferes, Dean of NOVA FCT.

The visiting students relished a day dedicated to exploring experiences and clarifying queries regarding courses, applications, and career paths. For some, it confirmed their aspirations. Four 12th-year students from Colégio Monte Maior, Loures, shared their impressions: "The atmosphere here is very positive. We've visited other institutions, and NOVA FCT is definitely an option," remarks Pedro Santos, echoed by his peers. These students, with interests spanning Mechanical, Electrotechnical, and Computer Engineering, took the initiative to attend the open day "to delve into our desired courses, their curriculum, and admission requirements," they affirm.

NOVA FCT student volunteers played a pivotal role in the event, not only fielding inquiries about courses but also soliciting feedback on campus life, faculty interaction, and integration. Francisco Marques, a 2nd-year Electrical Engineering student, emphasizes the significance of such activities in "showcasing the myriad advantages of studying at NOVA FCT."

Many attendees remain undecided about their educational journey, underlining the importance of introducing students to university life early on. "That's why it's crucial to demonstrate to students, starting from the 10th year, that university education is within reach for everyone. We must inspire them sooner rather than later," assert three teachers from Santa Maria Secondary School in Sintra, representing Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Philosophy disciplines.

Martim Lopes and Afonso Matos, 11th-year students from Santo António da Charneca School in Barreiro, exude enthusiasm for Geological Engineering. Martim's passion for the subject is unwavering, influenced by his Azorean roots.

Another cohort of students, from Fernão Mendes Pinto Secondary School, eagerly anticipates participating in an activity aligned with their interests. Rafaela Dias, a 10th grader, expresses intrigue in the agro-industrial program, reflecting on her aspiration for a health-related career.

At D. Inês de Castro School in Alcobaça, eight teachers accompany their 11th and 12th grade students, emphasizing the importance of exposing them to a different educational reality. Luís Peça, a Physics and Chemistry teacher, notes that several students from their school have chosen to study at NOVA FCT.

"The success of EXPO FCT is undoubtedly attributable to the extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm exhibited by our colleagues, teachers, researchers, staff, and students, who once again epitomized the spirit of NOVA FCT," remarks Rui Igreja, General Coordinator of EXPO FCT.

The NOVA FCT open day provides a distinctive platform for secondary school students to explore pathways to higher education and future professional endeavors.

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