Arquivo de notícias de April de 2014

This course organized by Prof. Maria Isabel Gomes from the Department of Mathematics, is organized jointly by the “Centre for Mathematics and its Applications” and “APDIO”. It will be taught by Ricardo M. Lima, currently Marie Curie Fellow at the Portuguese National Laboratory of Energy and Geology and will take place on 23th May at the FCT-UNL.


Former student of the Civil Engineering MSc - Geotechnics, Gonçalo Faustino, awarded the Yourg Geotechnical Engineering Award by the Portuguese Geotechnical Society.


The fifth lecture "Mathematics in FCT" will take place next Wednesday, at 14h00, on 1A VII.

The lecturer is Dra. Eurisanda Rodrigues, and her lecture is integrated in "Mathematics in the Labour Market"


The "Royal Society of Chemistry" of  London conferred  Professor Ana Lobo the status of Fellow, status that corresponds to a distinction based on the scientific analysis of her Curriculum Vitae by pairs belonging to the same area.


Helena Navas, professor of Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and a researcher at UNIDEMI, was invited to create a monthly column dedicated to Systematic Innovation and TRIZ Methodology on "Innovation & Entrepreneurship" newsletter published by the Economic Life Editorial Group.


A natural phenomenon of dust transport from North Africa deserts reaches Portugal, contributing to air quality degradation until Sunday. It is recommended to general population to reduce or reschedule strenuous activities outdoors.


Crystallography in the studies of art and historical artifacts

Speaker: Marine Cotte 

16 of April | 12:00h

Auditorium of the FCT Library 

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The next session of Mathematics in FCT will take place next Tuesday, at 13h30, in 2B VII.

The guest of this session is our colleague Manuel Silva which, under the theme Research on Mathematics, will talk about Ramsey Theory.


There are over 100 Teaching Assistant Placements available at Nordic Schools.


The Departments of Chemistry and Materials Sciences in FCT are celebrating the International Year of Crystallography with a series of Conferences that include 3 Nobel laureates


The renal proteomics team of BIOSCOPE (FCT’S Chemistry Department - Dr. Hugo Santos, MSc. Eduardo Araújo) and the nephrology team from Hospital Garcia de Orta (Aura Ramos M.D., Teixeira Costa M.D., Rita Magriço M.D.) presented a work related with the variation of the proteome of the peritoneal dialysis effluent of 19 patients with renal insufficiency at Hospital Garcia de Orta.


One Postgraduate scholarship is opened in the "Restrict to Plan" project, whose main objective is the development of a new planning tool for the passenger transportation sector, exploring Constraint Programming techniques.