Arquivo de notícias de June de 2017

Climate KIC Summer School at FCT NOVA

Climate-KIC organizes 8 Journeys throughout Europe and FCT NOVA participates in the organization of one of them. It will be the Journey6 (J6) in Climate Innovation, will have 5 weeks, taking place the first two at FCT NOVA (from July 2nd to 15th 2017).

Rita Narciso, Master in Biomedical Engineering at FCT NOVA, develops innovative

Rita Narciso, MSc in Biomedical Engineering at FCT NOVA, is about to launch an innovative business in the area of electronic applications:  "WePark".

ProfNova2017 Secondary Education Teachers at the FCT NOVA

The Third Edition of the Secondary Education Teachers - ProfNova - it will take place on the 7th and 8th September in the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science and Technology from the Nova University of Lisbon.

Maria Ascensão Reis leads the team of researchers that causes bacteria to

Professor Maria Ascensão Reis leads the team of 36 researchers who in the Bioeng Group of the Unit of Applied Biomolecular Sciences (UCIBIO) transforms bacteria, unicellular microorganisms in bio degradable plastic.

American Corner Lectures

In this lecture, Dr. Damian Schofield will approach a virtual range of learning environments, evidences, visualizations and training simulators developed by him.

NOVA wins gold at CNU of Long Swimming Pool

Last Sunday, June 11, the National University Championship of Long Swimming took place in Coimbra.

“FCT NOVA Challenge” competition prize giving session

During the afternoon of June 6th, the prize giving session of the second edition of the Competition "FCT NEW Challenge" took place. 

Sixth edition of the TEDxFCTUNL Conference

The Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa hosted the sixth edition of the TEDxFCTUNL conference.



Start-Up and SME Booster Call 2017

It is a great opportunity for European innovative entrepreneurs and startups in the raw materials sector.