Arquivo de notícias de July de 2021

The event has been held every year, since 2017, under the existing collaboration agreement between  the NOVA School of Science and Technology and the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT). The event has grown, with more and more participants and entities involved.


The former Prison of Trafaria will thus be transformed into a strategic platform for training, research, innovation, and provision of services to the community. 


These internships provide an opportunity to approach the reality of scientific and technological research.


During the four days of training, it will be possible to: understand the techniques and principles of this type of printing, learn to manipulate the files that serve as a starting point, choose the most suitable form of 3D printing for each creation, among other skills.


The award is given each year to a paper from the PPDP proceedings 10 years earlier and intended to recognize the authors’ contribution to PPDP’s influence in the area of declarative programming. 


Elvira Fortunato dedicated this award "to all women who work and fight every day for more equal opportunities."


Be part of an internationally recognized university, known for its intense academic environment and perfect location, with an international community, with more than 550 international students from 75 different countries.



The cleaning and environmental animation program, promoted by Novo Verde, aims to raise awareness among the Portuguese population about the pollution of the seas and oceans. 


The contest aims to encourage, recognize and distinguish the projects and courses of young people from Almada highlighted two projects and an athlete who made their course at the NOVA School of Science and Technology.