BIOSCOPE Research Team Members awards “The Young Research Award 2015”


BIOSCOPE Research Team Members awards

Elisabete Oliveira, PhD, from the BIOSCOPE Research Team, C4O Group at the UCIBIO@REQUIMTE FCT-UNL Having been chosen by the Young Researcher Award Selection Committee, for her outstanding accomplishments in her career was awarded with “The Young Research Award 2015 at the I International Caparica Conference on Pollutant Toxic Ions and Molecules. Elisabete Oliveira is 31 years old has an H index of 12 and more that 50 publications in peer reviews journals.

Selection Award Committee:
Jose Luis Gomez Ariza, University of Huelva (Spain);
Julia Lyubimova, Cedars Sinai Hospital, LA (USA);
Manuel Miró, University of Balears Islands (Spain);
Vito Lippolis, University of Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy).

Bioscope group develops research in the field of nanotechnology and clinical and medical proteomics and together with the ProteoMass Academic Association, promotes scientific events in the field of science and higher education.
Regardless of the venue of the conference, it is named after Caparica, giving an internationalization of excellence of FCT NOVA and of the location Caparica. The event brought together more than 150 experts in the field of determination of toxic and its remediation. It brought together participants from over 27 countries including USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, France, Norway Netherlands and Sweden, just to highlight some of the present countries.

In the photography, Professor Ljubinoma, USA and Elisabete Oliveira.


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