More than 80% of the FCT NOVA R&D Units evaluated with Excellent or Very Good by FCT


More than half of the Research and Development Units  (R&D) of the NOVA School of Science and Technology obtained a classification of Excellent on the last evaluation exercise carried out by the Foundation for Science and Technology, with the lead of independent international panels. 

The knowledge generated by academic institutions, that are the main incubators of
R&D, is today indissociable of the rapid innovation in the context of multidisciplinary knowledge and social impact. The results, reported last Friday (21 June), confirm FCT NOVA as one of the highest quality incubators of R&D units in Portugal, leading  world-wide research in the most diverse fields such as engineering, materials, computing, chemistry, health, environment, automation, among others.

These results reinforce FCT NOVA's leadership as a factory of scientific and technological knowledge capable of contributing to the societal challenges of today's world, such as climate change, inclusion, high value added employment, health, digital transformation, production and consumption.

With the classification of Excellent were qualified the research centers I3N-CENIMAT, NOVA LINCS, UNIDEMI, UCIBIO, CENSE, LAQV, CIUHCT ,VICARTE e MARE. With Very Good the centers CTS, CMA, GeoBioTecLIBPhys  and MEtRICs