NOVA School of Science and Technology leads project that wants zero waste on the coast


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The “CAPonLITTER project - Capitalizing on good coastal practices and improving policies to prevent marine litter", coordinated by the NOVA School of Science and Technology in partnership with APA (Portuguese Environment Agency),  comprises authorities and organizations from Spain, France, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany committed to zero waste on the shoreline.

This innovative initiative aims to improve policies and practices that can help in the prevention of marine litter especially the one generated and disposed of by tourism and recreational activities in coastal areas, in particular plastic. It will work in three main areas: "Zero-Waste Beaches", "Zero-Waste Coastal Events" and "Zero-Waste Coastal Communities".

Through the exchange of experience and mutual knowledge at best practice level, the partners involved in this cooperation project will explore ways to improve their regional policies and promote the implementation of best practices, with the active participation of the key actors in the process. in the end it is intended to draw up a best practice manual to prevent marine litter, including improvements in prevention, collection and recycling.

The CAPonLITTER  started on October 23rd and on January 8th, a number of key players gathered on the Caparica campus, from beach bar dealers, to event producers, fishermen's associations, to bathing area users at the first stakeholders workshop.

Interreg Europe, which financially supports this project, wants each participating region to be able to influence and improve policies with implications for reducing marine litter.

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