Defence4Tech Hub: European Commission awards seal of excellence to consortium that includes FCT NOVA


The European Commission has awarded a seal of excellence to Defence4Tech Hub, a national digital innovation hub for defence, whose consortium involves the NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA.

The Defence4Tech Hub is the first Digital Innovation Hub dedicated to Defence Economy in Europe. It results from a consortium of idD Portugal Defence with AED Cluster Portugal, UNINOVA, the Research and Development centers of the three branches of the Armed Forces and from the Portuguese Military University Institute (CINAMIL, CIAFA, CINAV and CIDIUM, respectively), University of Beira Interior, NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA, ISQ, CEiiA // Centre of Engineering and Product Development, and DTx - Digital Transformation CoLAB.

Digital Innovation Hubs are a part of Digital Europe Programme and their objective is to accelerate the dissemination and adoption of digital technologies by companies and the Public Administration, contributing to the increase in the competitiveness of their processes, products and services.


Defence4Tech Hub Recebe Selo De Excelência Da Comissão Europeia, Security Magazine