ANIMAIS, an artistic residency for new media


This upcoming Sunday, an event will present the outcomes of the artistic residency ANIMAIS, a CADA initiative in partnership with the European T-Factor project, of which NOVA FCT is a partner. This residency encompasses artistic proposals from three doctoral students at NOVA FCT. Francisco Braga and Rui Rodrigues (Computer Science) and Sara Orsi (Digital Media) are the creative minds behind three of the six selected projects out of a total of 49 artistic proposals.  The participating artists are Adriana João, Bernardo Gaeiras, Catarina Arbustro, Miguel Tavares, Rodrigo Gomes and Sara Orsi.

With the aim of exploring the intricate and dynamic interactions between humans, technology and nature, this residency is grounded in the premise that thinking in terms of hybrids, the "nature-cultures" concept, offers an opportunity to creatively redefine the boundaries of our shared world, thereby shaping new modes of environmental perception and action.

ANIMAIS is a self-directed and production-oriented artistic residency, intended to unveil the thoughts, processes, or prototypes of the artists.

To be seen at the Old Trafaria Penitentiary in Almada on October 22, 2023, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.