Doutoramento em Media Digitais


PhD in Digital Media

Started in the academic year 2009/2010. The minimum number of credits to conclude the degree is 240 (4 years).


This PhD program proposed by the University of Porto and University NOVA Lisbon in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin, provides specialized training in the field of Digital Media.

The emergence of new applications in the area of ​​digital media such as video games, interactive content on the web, interactive TV, video on demand, the emergence of educational software of high impact on the younger generation and, more recently, disclosure of information contents, marketing and leisure in mobile devices, show the importance of the study and research on this type of content and the study of their relationship with technology, the different areas of science and society in general. It is still a clear need for universities to form professionals in this area with the skills corresponding to the various levels of training and, in this case, to the graduate level.

The ultimate goal of this program is to train researchers, academics, and leaders in innovation processes in key areas and applied to Digital Media.

Study plan


The normal duration of the program is 4 years full-time (240 ECTS), corresponding to one year of curricular component (PhD course) and 3 years of research component.

The course is organized in following specialties: (1) Audiovisual Creation and Interactive Content; (2) Technologies; (3) Journalism; (4) Industry, and Public Markets. The curricular component common to the different specialties includes the following courses:

  • History and Trends in Digital Media
  • Media Lab
  • Media Technology
  • Communication Theory
  • Research Methods
  • Option I, II and III


Career opportunities

The PhD program aims to train researchers, academics, and leaders in innovation processes in fundamental and applied areas of Digital Media, ensuring that doctors are prepared to exercise a profession, which consists, generally, the ability to :

  • Create, produce and distribute digital media, taking into account the target audience and the whole of the value chain associated with the field;
  • Managing creative teams and producers;
  • Pursue a specialized professional activity, breeding organizations, production and processing of content aimed at their distribution to various effects, from the mass media, to education, to leisure, to marketing, for videogames, and the corporate broadcasting;
  • Apply knowledge, solve problems in new or unfamiliar environments and within multidisciplinary contexts to develop studies of analysis and synthesis and to develop research projects in the relevant participating scientific fields.



Tuition fee

Portuguese students:

2 750 Euros/ year 

Foreign students:

2 750 Euros/ year 


1st phase: 11th march to 5th april 2024

2nd phase: 3rd to 28th june 2024


Entrance requirements for the 2024/2025 academic year

Vacancies for 2024/2025:


Admission rules:

To enter the doctoral program, the candidate must meet the conditions set by national legislation, by the specific applicable regulations, in particular, meet at least one of the alternatives expressed in the following paragraphs:

Hold a master's degree or 2nd cycle engineering studies in technological and scientific areas related to digital media, information and communication sciences or design;

Have an undergraduate higher education, obtained in national or foreign institution recognized as valid by the scientific program committee and hold a relevant academic or scientific curriculum recognized as attesting the capacity to accomplish this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council;

Owning a professional or scientific curriculum recognized by the scientific committee, as relevant and appropriate.


Documentation of the application process (on line):

  • Qualifications certificate listing the grades obtained;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Candidates artistic areas must present a portfolio;
  • Statement of Intent (Letter of Intent) in which the candidate explains why he/she are interested in doing this PhD program;


The selection of candidates is responsibility of the Scientific Committee by assessing the submitted documentation. Potentially eligible applicants may be called for an interview.

Course coordinator:

Professor Nuno Correia

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-Ef 2575/2011/AL01 on 19/07/2016


Publication date of the accreditation decision: 29/07/2022

Period of validity of the accreditation:
6 years from 31/07/2021

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