Doutoramento em Matemática


PhD in Mathematics

This PhD program commenced in 2009/2010. The minimum number of credits required to complete this degree is 180 ECTS = 60 ECTS / year x 3 (years).


The objective of this PhD program is to train researchers and scientific leaders in Pure and Applied Mathematics and to provide them with a robust scientific background in this area of knowledge.   To this end, a successful student will complete a one-year taught course and furthermore develop and defend an original thesis that extends the boundaries of knowledge and whose content has already been accepted for publication in international peer-reviewed journals. 

Study Plan

This PhD program in Mathematics is organized into three areas of specialization: 

Algebra and Logic (AL);

Analysis and Geometry (AG);

Operations Research (OR).

The program of study leading to this doctoral degree includes:

1) A one-year taught PhD course, consisting of five elective modules, and culminating in two qualifying examinations. These qualifying examinations are offered twice a year in each area of specialization.

2) The development of an original thesis, especially designed for this purpose, that extends the boundaries of knowledge and that is within the scope of the candidate's area of specialization. The content of the thesis must have previously earned acceptance in peer-reviewed international journals. 


a) For each area of specialization, the curricular structure consists of five elective modules, chosen by the student in consultation with his/her scientific advisor, subject to the approval of the PhD Scientific Commission.  

b) The successful accomplishment of this taught part of the PhD program entitles the student to a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Mathematics from FCT- NOVA, which explicitly states the area of specialization.

c) Each student is required to pass two qualifying examinations to proceed to further studies leading to a PhD. These qualifying exams are offered twice a year for each area of specialization.

d) An overall description of the doctoral thesis, including a brief explanation of the research to be pursued, the expected results, and the main technical problems to be dealt with, is to be proposed by the candidate's supervisor by the end of the first year of studies. 


Career opportunities

The professional employment opportunities are mainly found in academia, in enterprises with a high technological, analytical or logistical component, and in the financial industry.

Participation in the Programmes:

University of Texas at Austin-Portugal PhD Program in Mathematics
CMU-Portugal ICTI Program in Applied Mathematics


Lectures and reading courses. Tutorials.

Tuition fee

Portuguese students: 2.750€

Foreign students: 2.750€


24th april to 17th july (1st phase)


Entrance requirements for the 2020/2021 academic year

Vacancies for 2020/2021:


Admission rules:

Candidates for this program of study should satisfy at least one of the following conditions: 

a) hold a master’s degree, or legal equivalent, in a relevant field, with a minimal classification of 14 (out of 20), or equivalent;

b) hold a bachelor’s degree, or legal equivalent, and have relevant academic or scientific experience that is recognized by the Scientific Council of FCT-NOVA  as attesting to the capacity to accomplish this program of studies; 

c) have an academic, scientific or professional experience that is recognized by the Scientific Council of FCT-NOVA as attesting to the capacity to accomplish this program of studies.

Required documentation

1. Passport / citizenship card. 

2. Degree certificates and transcripts including all grades. Any certificate that is not issued in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English should be accompanied by an official translation to Portuguese or English. Certificates issued by non-Portuguese entities should be either validated by the competent consular services or affixed with a ‘Hague Apostille’.

3. Curriculum vitae; 

4. Passport-sized photograph;

5. Motivation letter; 

6. Proof of payment of the processing fee (51 Euros).

Ranking of candidates 

a. classification of the master’s and / or bachelor’s degree;

b. academic and scientific experience; 

c. professional experience;

d. possible interview. 

Course coordinator:

Professor João Jorge Ribeiro Soares Gonçalves de Araújo

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-Cr 188/2015 on 13/08/2015


Prior accreditation on 03/07/2015, for 6 years

About the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is responsible for two undergraduate courses (1st cycle of study) two graduate courses (2nd cycle of study, which award a master’s degree), two postgraduate courses (3rd cycle of study, which award a doctorate degree), a one year post-graduate course and other short courses. The department's academic staff also cooperates in other courses of all qualification levels taught at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

The scientific activity of the majority of the faculty members of the Department of Mathematics is developed at the Center for Mathematics and its Applications (CMA). Its research work covers four major areas: Algebra, Differential equations and Numerical Analysis; Operational Research, Statistics and Risk Management. CMA is integrated into the NOVA School of Science and Technology and is financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology. In addition to the researchers of the Department of Mathematics, this center has the collaboration of many researchers belonging to several Portuguese and foreign universities. In the last evaluation that have been done by the Foundation for Science and Technology, CMA has obtained the classification of Very Good. The other members of this Department develop its scientific activity integrated in other research centers or autonomously.

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