PhD in Advanced Materials and Processing

Started in 2013/2014. The minimum number of credits to obtain the degree is 240 ECTS (4 years).


The AdvaMTech Doctoral Program is an FCT Doctoral Program, in association, with NOVA FCT as a proponent institution and as partner institutions the Universities of Aveiro, Beira Interior, Coimbra, Lisbon, Minho and Porto.


The doctoral program proposed on Advanced Materials and Processing is in-line with the objectives defined in the 1st Materials Summit organized in 2010, by the European Commision , that considers Advanced Materials as one of the five Key Enabling Technologies. It offers a widely interdisciplinary 3rd Cycle, built from the competence and experience of the research institutions and academic departments that have been engaged in the main effort on national grounds to create and promote original innovative research, high education and innovation in technology inside the domain of materials and related areas of science and engineering since early eighties of last century.

The program is tuned with high ranking European Universities, Institutes and running European PhD network programs, turning so the graduates more competitive worldwide and in particular in Europe, besides opening routes of R&D collaboration of the personnel involved, thus strengthening Portuguese competitiveness towards European R&D projects and networking.

In addition to networking Portuguese Universities and high ranking research labs, the proposal also brings as collaborators competences from industry, to tune the program with medium to long term strategies in human resources,. The implementation of this Program is consistent with the strategic goals of the involved institutions, whose objectives are: (1) Contribute to the development of a qualified, globally engaged, and diverse professional work force, tuned with European expectations that will benefit government agencies, industries, and academia; (2) Expand and enhance educational and research services through mutual collaboration and access to each other’s existing education programs, research activities and student resources of the institutions involved; (3) Provide industry and multisectorial exposures and experiences to students via the envisaged collaborations.

The joint effort of the academic and research institutes is backed by the College of Materials of OE and by SPM as a way to meet the challenges of innovation in industrial production and strengthen the internationalization of PhD holding fellows


The main objectives of this 3rd Cycle of Studies are to ensure that a holder of this degree has the following capacities:

• Argumentation well grounded in the most current scientific knowledge.
• Conscious attitude in matters of scientific and social ethics.
• Proactive attitude in transferring knowledge 'from the laboratory to the industry'.
• Responsible attitude on issues of sustainability of the applications of the associated Materials and Technologies.
• Good articulation of group work with individual work / initiatives.
• Good planning, execution and analysis of experimental work.
• Advanced knowledge of Materials Science and Engineering.
• Habit to keep abreast of the frontiers of knowledge.
• Implementation of innovative solutions to complex problems in Materials Engineering.
• Integrated and critical view of the Science and Engineering of materials and their applications.
• Mastery of methods and ability to conduct research.


Career opportunities

Various industries (ceramics and glass, polymers and molds, automotive and aerospace, metal mechanics, electronics and computers, etc.) in the area of R & D, Research and Education, Consulting, Business.


Tuition fee

Portuguese students:

2 750 Euros/ year 

Foreign students:

2 750 Euros/ year 


1st phase: 11th march to 5th april 2024


Entrance requirements for the 2024/2025 academic year

Vacancies for 2024/2025:


Course coordinator:

Professor João Paulo Borges

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-CR 161/2013 on 07/04/2014


Publication date of the accreditation decision: 17/12/2013

for 6 years

About the Department of Materials Science

The Department of Materials Science (DCM), NOVA School of Science and Technology, was the first to be created nationally in 1976 at the initiative of its first president, Prof. Leopoldo Guimarães. The initial aim was to create university extension courses in the field of materials leading to the creation of a root degree covering a wide range of scientific areas, including metallurgy, semiconductor materials, polymeric materials and mesomorph, ceramic materials and crystals, crystal chemistry and quality control.

Since then the Department of Materials Science has grown and diversified its activities, mainly due to the efforts of its faculty and staff, embodied in a large number of projects (academic and industrial) funded by National, European and International authorities. This allowed its modern adaptation to new technologies, providing  for such a unique laboratory infrastructure in Portugal, for teaching and research, internationally recognized and that has allowed to form Material Science Engineers of high scientific quality , able to respond to current society's demands.

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