"Gulbenkian Novos Talentos" Scholarship awards six NOVA FCT students


in the photo (from left to right): Manuel Madelino, Tatiana Dionísio, Patrícia Martins, Joana Arraia e Tomás Guerreiro. The student Maria Pinto is currently on an Erasmus programme.

The 2023 edition of the "Novos Talentos" Scholarship, presented by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, acknowledged the achievements of six students from NOVA FCT in the fields of Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Among the recipients are Joana Arraia, a Biochemistry undergraduate student; Patrícia Martins, pursuing Cellular and Molecular Biology; Manuel Madelino, specializing in Mathematics; Tomás Guerreiro, enrolled in Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine; Tatiana Dionísio and Maria Pinto, both pursuing Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. These students now have the opportunity to further their academic pursuits.

These NOVA FCT students universally appreciate the scholarship's significance as it offers them a chance to invest in their academic journeys, participate in conferences, and receive guidance for their undergraduate or master's projects.

Manuel Madelino, a mathematics student, aspires to build a research career in analysis or algebra. Tomás Guerreiro is set on biomedical research and finds the scholarship to be a well-deserved recognition of his efforts.

Joana Arriaga, a Biochemistry finalist, deems this research incentive to be essential in helping her decide on her master's program.

Patrícia Martins, with a yeast study project in mind, and Tatiana Dionísio, already immersed in her master's thesis research, see the "Novos Talentos" scholarship as a substantial motivation.

This program distinguishes university students who exhibit exceptional academic achievements, encouraging them to embark on research and hone their skills in their chosen scientific disciplines. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to work alongside respected experts who serve as mentors.