Arquivo de notícias de October de 2014

Best ideas in the MSc Category:1st Place - Ricardo Eleutério - UNL


Autoeuropa launched a technological challenge for the development of a non-destructive method able to detect defects in laser brazed joints preventing destruction of about 6 cars per year. 


Professor José Paulo Santos, member of the Physics Departament of FCT-UNL, was appointed “Professeur Associé Recherche de l´UPMC” by the Academic Boradl of  l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC).


Helena Navas, Professor at DEMI and researcher at UNIDEMI, was key speaker at the biannual meeting of the Directors of all the Multinational German Kirchhoff Automotive Group, held in October this year in Ovar.


Prof. Luis Gomes, from the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE), was awarded the title of "Honorary Professor" of Óbuda University.


Collaboration work between the Bioscope group, co-leaded by Professors Carlos Lodeiro e José-Luís Capelo, and the Núcleo de Apoio à Pesquisa (NAP; Centre for Support to Research) Catalysis and Chemical Synthesis of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), has been very productive regarding new applications of science in medicine.


Applications open for PhD sholarships for RaBBiT - Radiation Biology and Biophysics Doctoral Training Programme second cohort 2014/2015. Deadline 14 November 2014. For more information see:


The prestigious Springer publisher, has just published, the Vol. 19 of World Forest Series entitled "Forest Context and Policies in Portugal" whose main Editor is Prof. Fernando Reboredo - Depart of Earth Sciences (DCT).  


The EAR-IT project was honored to be selected to be featured on the Euronews chain program 'Futuris'. It may be viewed online at the program website at:, and in 14 different languages.


The first lecture "Mathematics in FCT" for 2014/15 will take place on 14/10 at 14:00 in room 1:14 VII. 

Title: I.O. - To stick your nose where it is not called since 1945 - A personal perspective

Speaker: Professor Nelson Martins Chibeles 


PPGAU, CT,UFPB is offering jointly with Laboratório do Ambiente Urbano e Edificado - LAURBE a internship post-doctoral scholarship /PNPD - CAPES /2011-2016 


This internship program aims the advanced training of young Portuguese with academic degree of bachelor or higher on Scientific Affairs at organizations such as CERN, ESA.