Arquivo de notícias de May de 2021

According to Anyse Pereira, all this knowledge can be employed in the implementation of public policies and in the design of strategies for the conservation and enhancement of the country's natural resources.


The newly doctored by NOVA School of Science and Technology and current Almascience researcher, Andreia dos Santos, received the prize for the best cover of 2020 from Sensors journal in the amount of 500 CHF.


A audição pública do candidato terá lugar no dia 16 de junho de 2021, com início às 15:00


The Executive distinguishes the women who stood out the most in our country in areas as diverse as Science, Politics, Communication, Economics, Arts or Sport.


Techno-Economic-Societal Sustainable Development Training in Sri Lanka (TESS) é co-financiado pela União Europeia no âmbito do programa Erasmus + Capacity Building in Higher Education. 

Madeira Digital Health and Wellbeing Kick off

Between 26 to 28 of May,  visit the stand at the Madeira Forum (Praça Central, ground floor) and attend technology demonstration sessions, experimentation and tutorials that aim to contribute to facilitate the involvement and participation of the community.

Mafalda Martinho

NOVA maintained the tradition of participating with a significant number of students who, once again and in adverse conditions, demonstrated a great team spirit throughout the day.


The “Girls in Science powered by Barbie” program will offer a student enrolled in the 12th year of schooling, in Portugal, a scholarship, worth 3,000 €, to enter any Science and / or Technology course of NOVA School of Science and Technology


Esta posição reflete a investigação de excelência que se pratica na Universidade, disponibilizada de uma forma aberta e colaborativa.


The Executive Technology School has a teaching approach that aims to improve reflective, critical and collaborative systemic thinking. The courses taught aim to create and shape the leaders of the future, using innovative teaching methods, based on technology as an accelerator for economic and social development.

Maria Paula Diogo

The participation in this report highlights the excellence of research carried out in the area of the History of Science and Technology in DCSA and CIUHCT.


It has already been tested with 36 users and the results show the robustness of the system and its simplicity of application.