Arquivo de notícias de May de 2024

On 25 and 26 May, the National University Outdoor Track Championships took place in Beja, where our student athletes delivered remarkable performances.


There are more than 30 highly qualified training proposals, with renowned teaching and research staff and access to state-of-the-art laboratories that will allow to explore scientific and technological skills that are important for a successful career and a competitive position in the market.


 Our volunteers have helped to ensure that this action can reach more than 360,000 people in financial difficulty.


 ‘This will always be your home. Whenever you want to debate new scientific approaches, research hypotheses, participate in the construction of academic knowledge, we are here to welcome you with open arm", said the Dean.


The student won the award with her dissertation ‘Algorithms for physical layer authentication’. 


The award confirms the professor's strong influence on scientific dissemination and the public's perception of the importance of science for social development.


Com este aumento da equipa docente e de investigação, reforçamos o nosso compromisso com esta missão", foram estas as palavras proferidas pelo Diretor da NOVA FCT, José Júlio Alferes, para dar início a mais uma Cerimónia de Assinatura de Contratos.


According to a statement issued by the Ministry of the Environment, the professor's choice to lead the integrated management company for Portugal's urban water cycle reflects his ‘vast CV in the areas of water resources, hydraulics and the environment.’


Representatives from various Austrian research and development institutions had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with NOVA FCT's dynamic environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The excellence of  the scientific career, the substantial contributions to the development of Inorganic Chemistry, the scientific leadership and the international recognition has served as the basis for this nomination.


Project led by NOVA FCT brings together experts and stakeholders to identify appropriate ways of managing water and emerging pollutants.


NOVA FCT will oversee over 700,000 euros for these projects, which will involve partnerships with institutions in other countries.