Integrated Master in Civil Engineering


Integrated Master in Civil Engineering

The Integrated Master in Civil Engineering is a five years programme (Bachelor and Master), requiring 300 ECTS to be completed. This programme provides the right background for a professional career in practice or research in Civil Engineering.

This Master is accredited by the Ordem dos Engenheiros (OE) and the FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Associations) in order to assign the EUR ING title (European Engineer).


The Integrated Master in Civil Engineering aims at preparing students in topics required by the profession of Civil Engineer and aims at enhancing their abilities in:

  • Acquiring skills in what concerns assessment, diagnosis, design, management, planning, deconstruction, rehabilitation and preservation of civil engineering structures;
  • Developing the ability of technical synthesis as well as oral and written communication capabilities, in different contexts and with different interlocutors;
  • Deeply understanding of the economic, industrial, commercial, social and professional contexts of civil Engineering activity;
  • Cultivating teamwork, critical judgment and entrepreneurship.

The teaching process combines solid background training with rigorous and up-to-date approach of highly specialized topics, providing students with the tools allowing them to successfully join the work market.

The Integrated Master comprises five years of training. In the 4th year of the programme students choose one of the following specialization profiles:

  • Construction;
  • Structures.


Career opportunities

The Integrated Master in Civil Engineering allows career opportunities in the global market, in companies of the building sector (e.g., consultancy, management, planning, inspection, construction, rehabilitation, design, certification, quality control, security, materials and technologies), in R&D centres and in the central and local administration.

Tuition Fees 

Portuguese students: 697 €/year

Foreign students: 7000 €/year

Without applications after 2021/22

Course coordinator:

Professor António Pinho Ramos

Registration and Accreditation

DGES - Registration number R/A-Ef 3540/2011/AL01 on 18/10/2019

A3ES - Publication date of the accreditation decision: 24/06/2019

for 6 years

About the Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering (DEC) was established in 1996. Today it offers a bachelor’s in civil engineering (3 years), four 2nd cycle Master Programs in Civil Engineering and in Structures and Geotechnics (2 years), Building Rehabilitation (1.5 years) and Facade Technology (1 year), and a PhD program in Civil Engineering (3 years). In parallel DEC has developed specific “lifelong learning” and graduate courses in the field of Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation, and Rehabilitation of Railway Infrastructures.

DEC develops scientific and technological research activities with national and international partnerships, participating in R&D projects in several areas, such as Structural Concrete and Masonry; Structures Retrofitting; Structures under Extreme Events; Numerical Simulation of Structures; Ecoefficiency of Construction Materials; Energy, Comfort and IAQ Performance of Buildings; Building Pathology and Rehabilitation; Geotechnics; Road Pavements; Spatial and Urban Planning.

There are currently more than 300 students enrolled in Civil Engineering at NOVA and the DEC’s faculty totals 35 teachers, 32 of whom with PhDs.

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