Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management


Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management

Started in the academic year 2008/2009. The minimum number of credits for the degree is 300. The Master is accredited by the Ordem dos Engenheiros and the FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Associations) in order to assign the EUR ING title (European Engineer). 


The central goal of the Integrated Master is to train industrial engineers, at university level, with a solid preparation in engineering sciences covering the areas of Production Management, Industrial Logistics, Quality Engineering, Ergonomics, Economic Engineering, Technologies and Information Systems, Industrial Technology and Automation, Design and Production assisted by Computer in integrated production environments.

Given the great diversity of areas of interest of Industrial Engineering, the Master presents itself as a broadband course, with a duration of five years focusing in the requirements of companies (industrial or services) and organizations (public or private) in the areas of Industrial management (production, supplies, logistics, quality, maintenance) and Industrial Engineering Production (design, planning, preparation, implementation and monitoring).


Career opportunities

  • Industries in the Mechanical, Chemical and related sectors;
  • Metal working, Machine Tools, Electromechanical;
  • Shipbuilding, Automotive Construction;
  • Energy and Industrial Cold;
  • Oil Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas;
  • Plastics transformation, Resins, Fibers and Textiles;
  • Chemicals, acids, fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Organic Chemistry (Thin), Pharmaceutics, Fermentation, etc;
  • Utilities and Services Companies;
  • Transport and Communications;
  • Banks and Insurance;
  • Health and Social Security;
  • Public Administration;
  • Offices of studies and Engineering Projects;
  • Engineering Laboratories;
  • Teaching and Research.  

Tuition Fees 

Portuguese students: 697 €/year

Foreign students: 7000 €/year

Students from CPLP countries may apply for a reduction of up to 50% of tuition fees, subject to the following conditions:
a) 1st Registration: students must demonstrate through their academic certificates that their academic performance is in the first quartile of the evaluation scale used in the system of their country or school of origin;
b) Subsequent enrollments (regardless of the year of entry): exclusively for academic merit, that is, approval in all UCs in which the student enrolled in the previous year, totaling 60 ECTS each year.

Without applications after 2021/22

Course coordinator:

Professor Ana Sofia Matos

Registration and Accreditation


Registration number R/A-Ef 3119/2011 on 18/03/2011


Publication date of the accreditation decision: 30/09/2014

for 6 years

About the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DEMI) is a permanent organic unit of NOVA School of Science and Technology, devoted to education, to basic and applied scientific research and to providing services in the areas of Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The DEMI offers two integrated masters (Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering), four masters (Industrial Engineering and Management, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Welding Engineering), two doctoral programs and several post-graduations.

Currently the DEMI has 38 teachers and 5 staff elements. The teachers of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering collaborate with various public and private institutions, particularly in developing research projects in scientific and technological areas relevant to Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

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