Welcome to NOVA School of Science and Technology


In this back to school season, we welcome students with a handful of novelties.

The reception of the new students will be done with the help of a new  application that allows you to see almost everything you need to start the new school year. With the FCT NOVA app, specially designed to support student's everyday life, it is possible to access schedules, maps, news and much more. The application was developed by the student group NEEC ( Electrical and Computer Engineering ) and can be downloaded for free from the play store and the app store.

NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) is also encouraging sustainable mobility. For those who need to travel by car we invite you to be part of the Group Boleias FCT NOVA. This carpooling platform, in partnership with Via Verde, offers own car travel sharing,  allowing a reduction in the number of vehicles on campus. Via Verde will be present at the reception week for new students for those who want to know more. For shorter trips, the community can use electric scooters. Since May, FCT NOVA has been part of Almada's electric scooter parking zone network, with 10 sharing points between the campus and the university residence. Alongside these initiatives, two charging stations for electric vehicles were also installed last year.

In addition to these initiatives, we remind you that FCT NOVA, committed to the sustainability of its campus and the creation of a more environmentally responsible community, has several ecopoints (supplied by AMARSUL) and drinking fountains (offering the Municipal Water and Sanitation Services (SMAS Almada) on its premises.

With these measures, FCT NOVA aims to lead by example and present itself as an institution of technological innovation aware of its role in the community.

Enrollment for this school year has already started this Monday, September 9th, and on September 18th the FCT NOVA Students' Association has prepared the New Student Reception Ceremony to be held at 10:00 am in the Grand Auditorium.


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