NOVA FCT alumni company raises €4.1 million in funding


C-mo Medical Solutions, an award-winning start-up from former students of Biomedical Engineering at NOVA School of Science and Technology, has now raised €4.1 million in an investment round led by Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund.

Born in Campus de Caparica by former students Alexandra Lopes, Diogo Tecelão, Filipe Valadas, Miguel Andrade and Sara Lobo, the start-up has already won several awards including the Altice Innovation AwardsEIT Health InnoStars HeadStart 2020 and Life Enablers.

Diogo Tecelão, alumnus, co-founder and CEO of the company, explains: "Chronic cough is a highly prevalent symptom, being responsible for up to 40% of the pulmonologists’ workload. At the same time, cough is a symptom that hides extremely valuable information about the patient’s health, thus bringing tremendous clinical value. The European Respiratory Society stated in 2019 that there is an urgent need for suitable cough monitoring technologies – developing a solution has been our mission since!”"

This investment, in which Portugal Ventures and HighTech Gründerfonds are also participating, will enable the company to bring its innovative cough monitoring technology to market.

"We are excited to bring onboard strategic and valuable investors that share our vision. We believe C-mo will cause a paradigm shift on how cough is addressed, respiratory diseases are monitored, and new drugs are launched to the market” adds the CEO.


C-mo Medical Solutions levanta 4,1 milhões de euros (The Next Big Idea)