Nova Sports Club Rackets Pro invites the FCT NOVA community to experience Padel


Located on the Caparica Campus, Nova Sports Club Rackets Pro offers 10 covered Padel courts and a multipurpose sports facility for use under special conditions by students, professors, and staff of the FCT NOVA community.

Rackets Pro now invites the entire school community to try out the sport for free. To do so, you should send an email to to arrange the most suitable experience.

The facility also provides a Sport Bar Restaurant where you can enjoy meals and work or study in a comfortable space with access to a terrace and Wi-Fi.

In the near future, Nova Sports Club Rackets Pro will also offer a fitness space for the entire FCT NOVA community.

Inaugurated in November 2022, the creation of this space aligns with the university's commitment to sports as a strategic axis of campus life. It supports student-athletes, promotes physical activity, leisure, and a healthy lifestyle. The Sports Club is the first concrete realization of this comprehensive commitment.

Please see below the special conditions for FCT NOVA students, professors, and staff: