NOVA FCT Outperforms National Average in 6th Edition of Scientific Employment Stimulus Call


NOVA FCT garnered distinction in the 6th edition of the Individual Call for Scientific Employment Stimulus, hosted by the Foundation for Science and Technology. The institution secured admission for 17 new scientists, a notable achievement given the competitive selection process with 400 available positions.

The School submitted 102 proposals, of which 17 were approved, resulting in a success rate of approximately 17 percent—three percentage points higher than the national average. The Junior Researcher category saw the highest number of successful candidates. These results underscore the excellence of the research conducted at NOVA FCT, a forward-thinking School of Science and Engineering, solidifying its position in leading international research.
Here is the list of successful candidates by research unit:

Center for Mathematics and Applications (NOVA Math)
Evelin Heringer Manoel Krulikovski (Junior Researcher)
Rohollah Garmanjani (Assistant Researcher)

Mechanical Engineering and Resource Sustainability Center (MEtRICs)
Victor Gomes Lauriano de Souza (Junior Researcher)

Centre of Physics and Technological Research (CEFITEC)
Bruno Diogo Rodrigues Matos Tibúrcio Tibúrcio (Junior Researcher)
Mónica Filipa dos Santos Mendes (Junior Researcher)

 Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research (CENSE)
Maria Nazaré Parada Figueiredo Sousa Couto Alves (Assistant Researcher)
Irene Pérez Ramírez (Junior Researcher)

Centre of Materials Research (I3N)
Marta Corvo (Principal Researcher)

Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry (LAQV/REQUIMTE)
Abdallah Gamal Abdallah Mahmoud (Junior Researcher)
Ana Patrícia Correia Almeida (Junior Researcher)
Ana Rita Xavier de Jesus Gameiro (Junior Researcher)
Maria Manuel Serrano Bernardo (Assistant Researcher)
Ricardo Alexandre Ventura das Chagas (Assistant Researcher)

NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics (NOVA LINCS)
Inês Martins Sequeira Rodolfo (Junior Researcher)

Applied Molecular Biosciences Unit  (UCIBIO)
Joana Costa Fradinho (Assistant Researcher)

Glass and Ceramic for the Arts (VICARTE)
Alexandra Rodrigues (Junior Researcher)
Susana Coentro (Assistant Researcher)

At the national level, 2,746 applications were submitted, resulting in 400 approvals, yielding a success rate of 14.57 percent. The applications underwent evaluation and classification by 29 international panels, comprising a total of 342 evaluators. An analysis of these requests reveals that 56 percent are from women; 70 percent of the applicants are Portuguese, and 30 percent are researchers from abroad, with Spain (20), Italy (20), and Brazil (14) being the most represented countries.