Arquivo de notícias de October de 2019

Assinatura de acordo do Observatório de Avaliação de Riscos

A working group will be created which, through the numerous studies that already exist, elaborate a strategy to implement the necessary measures to increase the resilience of the coastal and riverside communities of the municipality of Almada.


On this day we will celebrate the teachers, students, researchers and collaborators. They are the main reason for the success of this Faculty that has been noted at various times throughout this year.

Mário Forjaz Secca during the award cerimony

For the first time this distinction contemplates someone who is not a Doctor, being the first non-neuroradiologist to whom such prize is awarded.


In the interactive exhibition “Discovering the Periodic Table” you are invited to discover the luminescence of the elements, the different forms of Carbon and their applications, the atomic emission spectrum of hydrogen, helium, mercury and sodium, among other activities.


Among 1500 institutions evaluated in 81 countries, NOVA University of Lisbon is one of the three Portuguese higher education institutions included in the ranking.

OPJA; Youth Participatory Budget of Almada

The project “System of urban organic gardens at FCT NOVA”, aiming to promote the sustainability in the Caparica campus, and the project proposed by the Students Association “Home in Almada - Accommodation Portal” are now in a new round of votes.

Andrew Livingston distinguished by NOVA with Honory Doctorate

Recognized for the development of innovative technological platforms for the manufacture of chemical products and (bio)pharmaceuticals, Livingston has about 35 patents submitted.


The research resulting from the Rabbit doctoral program resulted in the book Radiation in Bioanalysis, published in the prestigious international publishing company Springer-Nature.

Simpósio, Joana Santos, Joana Lia Ferreira

The main objective of the Symposium was to promote a debate on the growing challenges facing the conservation of cultural heritage in the active search for ecologically sound and economically viable solutions.

Andrew Livingston

The chemical engineer is world-renowned for creating new technology platforms for manufacturing chemicals and (bio)pharmaceuticals and has 35 patents submitted.


With our Ambassadors we have already visited more than 113 schools from all over the country and contacted with the high school students (11th and 12th years), in a personalized way,  broadcasting the educational offer of NOVA School of Science and Technology.


Many of our students learned about FCT NOVA's educational offer through this initiative, which helped them to understand the quality of this school and motivated them to continue their training with us.