Arquivo de notícias de September de 2020


The project aims to examine how Artificial Intelligence (AI) may affect work organization, employment and industrial relations systems in the next decade in several European countries.


In comparison with the leading competitors in the Lisbon region, the NOVA School of Science and Technology leads in Mathematics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Applied Chemistry courses.


The core objective of Com@Rehab is the development of the Digital Communication Module (MCD Rehab) for an interactive rehabilitation solution in Virtual Reality. 

Elvira Fortunato

"Horizon Impact Award 2020" distingue os projetos financiados pela União Europeia, no âmbito do programa Horizonte 2020, cujos resultados criaram impacto social na Europa e no mundo.

Miguel Moreno Azanza e José Manuel Gasca, diretores da escavação, a estudar um d

So far, paleontologists have identified more than twenty eggs on the surface but there could be more than a hundred.

Protocolo FCT NOVA e UAb

Among the planned partnership actions are joint resources for an e-learning regime and in a shared teaching regime (b-learning), the collaboration of UAb in specific and identity courses for NOVA School of Science and Technology and new training offers within the scope of lifelong learning.

Maria Paula Diogo

“At the professional level, I do not think of another moment as relevant, which means the international recognition of my research, but also because it comes from SHOT, a reference society in my field of study,” admits the researcher.



The award distinguishes projects financed by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 program, which results have created social impact across Europe and beyond.


On the 14th of September, the contract signing ceremony for the signing for professores under the terms of Article 77 of Dec. Law 84/219 was held, which promoted NOVA School of Science and Technology professors to the categories of associate and full professor.

Nova Visão de Futuro

The NOVA Vision of the Future webinars have as their main themes societal, scientific and pedagogical challenges, under discussion in these sessions that will take place monthly.


The system was specifically designed for elderly and info-excluded people and at present has a successfully developed prototype.


The team is already seeking strategic partners to bring Tomatable to the market.