Palestras "Glass Colour and Art - Optical Absorption in Glass" e "Tutorial on Stained Glass”


A VICARTE - Unidade de Investigação “Vidro e Cerâmica para as Artes” organiza duas Palestras do Professor John M. Parker (University of Sheffield), a terem lugar no dia 13 de Abril:

-“Glass Colour and Art - Optical Absorption in Glass” | 10H30-12H00 | Sala 109 – Ed. IV
-“Tutorial on Stained Glass” | 14H30-15H15 | Auditório da Biblioteca

Professor John M. Parker from the University of Sheffield will present us two lectures on the fascinating subject of colour in glass and its imprint on art. The first lecture will focus on the application of optical absorption spectroscopy to coloured glass and the
chemistry behind the colour. Many examples of glass art objects will be given so as to give a clear picture of the intersection art/science.
A tutorial on stained glass will take place in the afternoon with a strong link to redox chemistry and what creates the special light effects of stained glass.
Professor John M. Parker is an Emeritus Professor of Glass Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He is actively involved in the International Commission on Glass, and is past president of both the Society of Glass Technology and the European Society of Glass Science and Technology. Professor Parker has been awarded the WES Turner prize by the ICG in
2004, a reward to those who have made a noteworthy contribution to the ICG Technical Committees.
Professor Parker’s current research interests lie in glass structural analysis using information derived from optical spectroscopy and the processes involved in glass crystallisation.
This research has led to several research projects such as a study on coloured pigments and the study of art glass staining in relation to restoration of historic artefacts.