Arquivo de notícias de December de 2020


Ricardo Jardim Gonçalves, professor and researcher at NOVA School of Science and Technology, is one of the co-authors of the article “Digitalizing the healthcare ecosystem in the European Union”, published in the prestigious Health Quarterly (number 13), which focuses on the importance of a European strategy for the digitization of health.

Rodrigo Martins ERC

He is the second Portuguese, since the founding of the ERC, to perform such functions.


Between January 20 and 22, NOVA School of Science and Technology will once again host the Mathmasters winter school, aimed at all those who intend to enter a master's degree in this scientific area.


The exhibit won 4 prizes: Special prize in good practices for the Leiria Museum, Museology Work Award , Honorable mention in Conservation and Restoration intervention and Honorable mention for the temporary exhibition of the Plasticity show.

Maria Paula Diogo

This is one of the flagship initiatives of the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education under the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, and will be curated by Maria Paula Diogo, professor and researcher at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

Menu de Renovação Verde

The purpose of the platform is to help make the complex renovation of residential buildings a simpler, more attractive and scalable process, with relevant information on how to create houses more sustainable.


Carla Pinheiro, professor, and researcher at the NOVA School of Science and Technology was the tutor of students Raquel Pacheco Martins, Timo Cláudio, Dieter Kolb, and Tomás Fernandes Matos, who received two awards at the 14th National Science Exhibition.

Isabel Moura e José Moura Membros da Academia das Ciências de Lisboa

A distinção concedida a Isabel Moura, eleita a primeira mulher Membro Correspondente da Secção de Química da Academia, e a José Moura, passagem de Membro Correspondente a Membro Efectivo da Secção de Química, reflecte o merecido reconhecimento por uma vida dedicada à investigação científica e à divulgação internacional dos seus resultados.

equipa feminina ténis da nova

The female team became the National University Team Champion for the fourth time, in a race in which NOVA equally took 2nd place. In turn, one of the three male teams enrolled won the 2nd place in the competition.


FisicaMente ( Physically) it is the name of the new youtube series created by the students that intends to disseminate science and its researchers, in a set of interviews. 

Marcos Cueto

Marcos Cueto, a renowned historian of science and medicine, especially in Latin America, Europe and the United States, is the guest speaker at the 4th edition of the Distinguished Lectures CIUHCT, which will take place on December 10, at 17:00.


The team of researchers created minimalist models, produced with ordinary materials, using 3D printing and with a production cost of less than 1000 euros, which aims to respond to the urgent need to provide intensive care units with more ventilators for patients with COVID-19.