Training, Internships and Professional Insertion Unit


The Training, Internships and Professional Insertion was designed to organize, promote, support and implement actions aimed at the additional training of students and graduates and their integration into active life, namely through :

a) Training activities organization that can meet the requests presented by national or foreign economic agents, in the fields of knowledge and areas of competence of the Faculty;
b) Develop, organize, execute and manage extracurricular training activities for Students, training of Public Administration employees, according to the legislation in force, as well as training activities and pedagogical training of teachers of all levels of education, also in accordance with the applicable law and with the strategic guidelines superiors;
c) Support the course coordinators and responsible for the curricular unit "Introduction to Professional Practice Program," in the preparation of the contracts between the companies and the Faculty;
d) To promote and support the achievement of curricular and professional internships to be undertaken by students and recent Faculty graduates;
e) Promote and facilitate job placement of students and graduates, acting as a bridge between academic life and working life;
f) Keep available updated information on contests, prizes and research grants or others in Portugal and abroad;
g) To maintain up to date information available on Faculty’s finalist students and graduates from the Faculty, including their curricula vitae, for integration into working life;
h) To promote individual tutorials in order to prepare the curriculum vitae, simulate selection and interview procedures, in order to facilitate sending unsolicited applications and responding to ads;
i) Support companies in recruiting Faculty students, notably on the marking of presentations for recruiting, on the appointment of job interviews and in the display of recruitment information at the premises of the Faculty and through the Internet;
j) Collect information, disseminate, and keep updated the portals for job offers, internships, contests, professional courses, programs supporting the creation of self-employment, scholarships and others.

  • Bernardina Gonçalves
  • Carina Gomes



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Bernardina Gonçalves


Training, Internships and Professional Insertion Unit
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