Arquivo de notícias de March de 2019

A new university record, 14 first places and many positions on the podium are the most recent pride of NOVA teams.


Lançamento do laboratório colaborativo VORTEX

VORTEX will invest in annual acceleration programs focused on raising the level of technological maturity of new research results from scientific partners and demonstrating their applicability in new industrial products.

Legatheaux Martins

José Legatheaux Martins has been associated with the development of the Internet in Portugal since its inception, in the early 1980's, and was responsible for the country's first link to the global network.

Interreg Atlantic Area Project

The program counts on the participation of 15 partners and 2,2 million euros to promote the valuation of knowledge in the area of ​​the economy of the sea.

ana aguiar ricardo

The European Chemical Society (EuChemS) is a non-profit European organization that promotes collaboration between scientific and technical societies in the field of chemistry. 

State of Sustainability at FCT NOVA

Students of the Integrated Master in Environmental Engineering developed a set of projects related to the "State of Sustainability in FCT NOVA".

IFCT NOVA researcher highlights the problem of coastal erosion and coastal manag

José Carlos Ferreira, Professor of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at FCT NOVA, gave a series of interviews on the problems of erosion, climate change and coastal management.

EXPO FCT 2018 receives 5,000 secondary school students

For the 12th consecutive year, FCT NOVA hosted EXPO FCT, at the Campus of Caparica, involving all Departments and Nuclei of the Students’ Association for an open day. 

Professor Rodrigo Martins vested President of the European Academy of Sciences

The European Academy of Sciences (EurASc) will have a Portuguese for the first time as its President. 

Iconic Women Creating a Better World for ALL

This award recognizes the extensive research and ongoing environmental activism of teachers in favor of sustainable development. 

Project VR4NeuroPain finalist of Acredita Portugal 2018

The VR4NeuroPain project was selected among 11,477 projects to be one of the 21 finalist projects of Acredita Portugal 2018, the largest Entrepreneurship contest in the country and the 2nd largest in the world, being one of the three finalists in the category "New Technologies".

Paleontologists discover new species of lungfish in Greenland with 210 million y

Portuguese paleontologists and from four more countries announce the discovery of fossils of a unique and new species of 210 million-year-old rock-lunged fish in remote areas of eastern Greenland.