The Planet we want for the 21 century!

The debate will take place on June 5th, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, with live transmission on FCT NOVA's Facebook and Instagram page, moderated by Júlia Seixas, professor, researcher, and president of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of FCT NOVA.


Two important international university rankings highlighted Universidade NOVA de Lisboa among the 10 best young universities in Europe.


The team developed a new cough mobilization system -C-mo- which secured € 40,000 in funding and a mentoring program.



Scientific Snacks:Paleo Talks

Every Monday, at 5 pm, the Department of Earth Sciences promotes online meetings to debate and publicize research in paleontology.


covid research

FCT NOVA has, therefore, three approved research projects, recognizing that the School is committed to contributing, in the several areas of knowledge, to fighting the pandemic that the country and the world face.

Prémios Especiais ILUCIDARE

The ILUCIDARE Special Prizes within the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards aim to identify and promote best practices in cultural heritage-led innovation and international relations.

Mapa PDM Setúbal 2020

The FCT NOVA team was responsible for the Strategic Environmental Assessment and for the Characterization Studies of the Municipal Territory related to the Ecological Structure, in this  process.

Ciência nos hospitais

"Science in hospitals" will, therefore, allow young people admitted to a Pediatric ward, recovering from surgical intervention, or undergoing treatment to watch live experiences in the areas of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and even Molecular Gastronomy and Nanotechnology.

Open Day | Masters 2020

Meet our faculty and find out about our Masters's programs, their content and structure, and the admissions process. Our current students and alumni will also share some of their experiences of NOVA School of Science and Technology life.  

ERP Eco Sustainability Award 2019-2020

This is yet another recognition of the Faculty's effort and commitment to design a more sustainable campus.

Geoffrey Cordell

On May 27, at 4:00 pm, the webinar “Natural Products in Society Challenges for 2030" will take place with Geoffrey Cordell, professor at the University of Illinois.

Nuno Cavaco at SIC Notícias

"Put technology at the service of students is the strong capacity for change and the belief that it is possible to make it happen, involving everyone around a common goal"