Ana Pires, Graça Martinho, Susana Rodrigues e Maria Isabel Gomes

The book is the result of an interdepartmental partnership between researchers from the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering and the Department of Mathematics at NOVA School of Science and Technology.


Reboot - Festival Internacional de Artes Digitais e Novos Media

"Olhando o Céu"

This meeting celebrates the 50th anniversary of man's arrival on the moon and the 100 years of the astronomical expeditions to Principe Island and Brazil.

corrida solidaria facit 2019

For the first time, the race had more than 500 runners.

Pitch Bootcamp

This career accelerator, powered by Spark Agency, brings together students and recent graduates with some of the most exciting companies in the world.

VR4NeuroPain vence Prémio HINTT | Maturidade Digital de 2019

The HINTT Prize | Digital Maturity purpose is to recognize and disseminate the best practices in the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to bring about a paperless environment leading to relevant gains in patient safety, clinical decision support and overall efficiency.


The Sustainable webpage allows you to keep up with the actions to be developed as well as consult important documents on this subject .


Literacia Oceânica em Cabo Verde

Faculty and researchers from the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of the NOVA School of Science and Technology and MARE participated in the Forum on Climate / Variability and Climate Change - Impacts on the Economy in CPLP and Africa, organized by CIICLAA, and developed training sessions in Cabo Verde.


Proposed lectures and direct interaction with guest speakers will enable students to get in touch with ongoing research and projects.


FCT NOVA rejoined the consortium that organizes and promotes the European Researchers' Night. This initiative promotes the meeting between researchers and onlookers on a night that celebrates science.


CIÊNCIAVITAE is a unique, personalized, simple, harmonized and structured curriculum. It allows to gather in a single platform all information regarding the user, whether student, researcher or institution, and which is currently dispersed in multiple platforms, such as FCT-SIG CV, DeGóis, RENATES, REBIDES, ORCID and RCAAP.P.


Ana Filipa Santos, student of the Master of Engineering in Micro and Nano Technologies at FCT NOVA, only had to take action once to advance two rounds in the main table of the National Absolute Tennis Championship to reach the semi-finals.