The Microbial Stress group is looking for a highly motivated postdoc to integrate their team, which aims to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the detoxification/homeostasis of metals and reactive oxygen species in pathogenic microorganisms. 

Pedro Ferreira is the new aefct president

The ceremony was attended by the outgoing President, Pedro Horta, the sworn in President,Pedro Ferreira and the Director of FCT NOVA, Virgílio Cruz Machado.

 São Cristóvão church

The work wants to solve problems in the material preservation of the culture heritage. Museum pieces are subject to deterioration depending on the conditions under which they are stored, whether or not they are displayed or archived.

praia com lixo

Through the exchange of experience and mutual knowledge at best practice level, the partners involved in this cooperation project will explore ways to improve their regional policies and promote the implementation of best practices, with the active participation of the key actors in the process.


Collaboration between JRC and NOVA School of Science and Technology wants to improve the safety of buildings in case of earthquakes.

Frank Rimalovsk

Frank Rimalovski, entrepreneur, venture fund manager and one of the pioneers of teaching entrepreneurship techniques will be at the NOVA School of Science and Technology on January 21, with the lecture "How to start a startup".

Hiroshi Ishii

Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Laboratory, was the invited speaker for the  Distinguished Lecture DI/NOVA LINCS 2019.

Prémio Parceiro APCAS 2019

The award recognizes the longstanding collaboration between the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and APCAS.

Anthropocene Campus Lisboa: Parallax

The event will take place at Culturgest from 6th to 11th January 2020.

 Prémio Engº Jaime Filipe

The work “Human Interface System for Computer Access” is designed to allow people with disabilities access to the computer.

Inês de Medeiros, Raquel Viveiros and Teresa Casimiro

With this initiative the Almada City Council intends to boost the potential of research, as an engine of local development and to project the municipality as a territory of knowledge.


EMPORIA4KT is an European Union Interreg Atlantic Area European Regional Development Fund  (ERDF)  projetct, coordinated by the NOVA School of Science and Technology, which is working to establish links between academia, business and the government with the purpose of promoting innovation and competitiveness in the Blue Economy in the Atlantic Area.