There are more than 30 highly qualified training proposals, with renowned teaching and research staff.


The winners of the 24th edition of the "Trusted Brands" survey, which assesses the level of trust Portuguese people have in a range of everyday realities – brands, personalities, professions and institutions – have just been announced. Once again, Elvira Fortunato's name appears on this list.



Simon Böhly is studying Engineering Physics. He came from Germany and chose NOVA FCT because it is "a leading university with interesting master's programmes that will help diversify my knowledge", he explained.



This event serves as a tribute to the indispensable role mathematics plays in driving progress across fields like Science, Technology, Engineering, and society at large.


The meeting aims to promote contact between companies and students, in particular by presenting internship and career opportunities.


Esta parceria vai permitir aos estudantes da NOVA FCT conhecer em primeira mão as oportunidades profissionais disponibilizadas pela Jerónimo Martins, que estará presente nos fóruns de emprego e de aproximação ao mercado que a Faculdade venha a realizar.


The male music ensemble from NOVA FCT will once again bring music to Almada, at the 30th edition of the International Festival of Male Music Ensembles, Tágides. The event will take place on the 8th and 9th of March at the Academia Almadense.


At the last contract-signing ceremony, on 22 February, three teachers rose in professional rank and two joined the NOVA FCT teaching staff.


After five intense weeks of work, during which the programme's more than 1,000 students had access to mentoring sessions, the big winners were finally announced. 


Ocean Community (OC), is a global community and platform, for ocean caring people, innovators and entrepreneurs to connect, learn, innovate and to shape our community acting in the best interest of the ocean. 


Since the beginning of 2024, 13 professors have progressed in their careers, and one professor and one senior technician have been hired.


This employability initiative promotes contact between future engineers and scientists and professionals from a broad range of fields.