Field work at Lourinhã

The NOVASchool of Science and Technology’s student master's thesis work, published in a prestigious international scientific journal, is helping to better understand the fauna of Lourinhã 150 million years ago.

mathmasters 2020

The winter school has the participation of several companies that, recognizing the importance of mathematics in the various areas of intervention, joined the event, allowing direct interaction between students and professionals..

1180 ºC - 11º Open Day Vicarte

During December 14th, the laboratories will be open to the public and it will be possible to watch the creation of pieces by national and international artists, students and teachers from the Master in Glass and Ceramic Art and Science.

engenheiras por um dia 2019

Ana Marta Martins que até ao 12.º ano nunca tinha ouvido falar desta carreira ficou convencida depois de ouvir uma aluna da FCT NOVA explicar as diversas oportunidades desta área. Agora foi a vez da aluna universitária ajudar estudantes do secundário a conhecer mais carreiras nas áreas da engenharia.

banco alimentar 2019

O resultado desta recolha irá ser distribuído a partir da próxima semana por 2.400 instituições de solidariedade, que irão ajudar 38 mil pessoas com refeições e cabazes de natal.

joão gonçalves

The athlete won all titles in 2019: European Games, European League, Mundialito, World Championship and Master of Technology and Food Safety.

 Advanced Renewable Energy Course in the Water Sector

Participation in this program results from the recognition of the excellence in teaching of NOVA School of Science and Technology.

Rafaela Neves, Bruna Coelho, Bernardo Rodrigues, Ana Rita Bruno, Eduardo Silva e

The competition consisted on a series of tests that assess soft skills, including leadership, decision making, problem solving, teamwork, public presentation and communication.

International Mathematics Day

March 14th as International Mathematics Day will have its first official celebration in 2020.

Equipa da FCT NOVA no Datathon

From November 22nd to 24th, six members of the NOVA School of Science and Technology  were solving industrial process optimization issues..

Hiroshi Ishii

Some of this researcher's ideas contributed to the interface design used by Tom Cruise in Stephen Spielberg's "Minority Report".

The Lean Six Sigma Company

The Lean Six Sigma Company, founded in 2002, is currently present in more than 20 countries and four continents. The company now arrives in Portugal where it will operate in close collaboration with FCT NOVA, in particular with the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.