The NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) collected 9.5 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste, guaranteeing the best classification ever by a Higher Education Institution in the 13th edition of the Depositrão Generation Contest.


Dário Pedro and Francisco Nogueira, respectively student and alumnus at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, are the winners of the Academy and Startup categories of the fifth edition of the Altice International Innovation Award.


The winning work was "Tailoring Resistive Switching Characteristics of IGZO-based Memristive Devices for Artificial Deep Learning Neural Networks".


A carnivorous dinosaur is the theme that brought the Lanzendorf - National Geographic Award, in the best Scientific Illustration category, to Portugal for the first time, the most important distinction in the area.


María Ríos, researcher at GeoBioTec in the Department of Earth Sciences at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, is part of the team that discovered the first evidence of the presence of the extinct giant giraffe Sivatherium in Western Europe.

Luís Moniz Pereira

The proposal for the attribution of the title came from the Department of Computer Science of the NOVA School of Science and Technology and was unanimously approved by the College of Directors on March 18, 2021.


A nova Pró-reitora será responsável pela política de Sustentabilidade da NOVA, uma das apostas estratégicas da Universidade.


O prémio distinguiu o artigo "GBTUL 2.0 – a second-generation code for the GBT-based buckling and vibration analysis of thin-walled members”, publicado em 2018 na revista Thin-Walled Structures, co-autorado por Rui Bebiano e Dinar Camotim.


The NOVA School of Science and Technology marks the 10th anniversary of American Corners Portugal with a debate on the importance of the relationship between science and diplomacy with the presence of Portuguese and North American speakers.


The book “Ethical Machines” can be purchased at NOVA.FCT Editorial.


The NOVA School of Science and Technology recently launched the School's first Scholarships for Merit program, which aims to recognize the talent, effort and dedication of students who enter the Undergraduate Degree courses taught at the Caparica Campus.


The NOVA School of Science and Technology is proud to include so many representatives on this list, a mark of its position as a research oriented school.